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 The 2017 Angler & Co Angler's of the year! 

Long Over Due! 

Please join me in congratulating Jerry Back our 2017 Angler of the year! 

Jerry would be the first to tell you how humbling this sport can be and although he took awhile to win the title he's enjoyed taking plenty of our cash over the last ten years trying! With this win Jerry is well positioned to surpass the club record of three titles in a row and I can tell you this, you better watch out, you better not cry or pout he's got the skills to do it! Congrats Jerry!

Congratulations are in order!

If you've been around the club for any numbers of years you know Tim has won and done it all so this Co-Angler of the year title is no surprise! Something that just makes me proud as President is this Tim Keever Fact! If you haven't learned something from Tim (which is what we are all about) you are either lying, blind, deaf, dumb or just joining this year and I can promise you will. He will do this and is about as competitive as you'll find proving you can be both. Congrats Again Tim! 

2018 State Team Qualifiers


Mr. Pane represents our  sole State Team spot for 2018 and  if you haven't noticed he is racking up quite a resume in this just his second season. Included with this State Team spot Mike won the Nation Team event on Alum Creek in 2017, took Co-Angler Top honors and Rookie of the year in 2016! When asked about his success he just rubbed the Steeler's patch on his jacket and said the more I practice the better I get! 

Oh and BTW a wise man once said it's better to have played and lost than not played. I say whatever go JAGS! Seriously however congrats Mike - were proud of you partner!