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3-26-15 Lake Guntersville Team Tournament

This is how day two started for our winners:

(Eric) Alex the truck isn't parked right now I have to go fix it...

(Bill) was it parked right?

(Eric) Yes!

(Alex Thinking) I knew it was fu....ing parked right!

(Alex) Eric I forgot my glasses in the truck. 

(Eric) Sh..... Bill do we have enough time to get his glasses?

(Bill) Eric it's still dark out.

(Alex) Sorry about that Eric but I needed my glasses to net your fish and slam some giants!

(Eric) Crap I forgot my phone in the truck.!.!

(Bill and Mark) That's too funny! Ironic isn't it. He cant use his phone anyway.

(Eric) Ok I'm back in the boat lets go win this thing!

(Alex Thinking) I have no confidence right now and I have to go to the bathroom but I'm afraid to ask so I'll just hold it all day. 

Typically there is some sort of adversity to over come making your way to the top and day two was no different for our winners. The great thing about Guntersville is that two of our guys caught their biggest fish ever on this one weekend at Lake Guntersville and what is better than that? Big bass day one was over 7lbs (Johnny) and big bass day two was over 8lbs (Eric).

The photos are in order of place finished. Tim came down with Phenomena and Mike took him to urgent care. They fished a limited day one and bowed out of day two. Mike took care of Tim and this is why we are not just the biggest but the best club in Ohio! Thanks Mike and we are glad you feel better Tim!

Congratulations Eric and Alex for overcoming adversity!